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Our Range of Masts : find the profile and the length best suited for you

Carbon Mast - Ketos Core technology


KETOS Front Wings Range : adapt your foil to your level and your practice.

Carbon Wings - KETOS technology - Products manufactured in France


Large range of KETOS rear wings. 

French manufactured products - Carbon


carbone fuselage for hydrofoil

KF Box

Find here the KF Box connector, for your board, KF Box IN,inside insert, for board 40 mm mini, KF Box Middle, 19 mm in your board 21 outside, KF Box Out, platine compatible with quite all US Rails board

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    Need to repair you KETOS foil? Or to give a second life to your foil ? All our KETOS products are handkrafted in our workshop in France, where we are able to do repairs too. Don't hesitate to contact us. A first quotation for repairs can be made if you send us photos.

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    Short mat, for shallow water, lagoon, sandy bays. For learning witefoil, and for spots with a low draft. 

    466,67 €
    available within 1 to 2 weeks during spring and summer available within 1 to 2 weeks during spring and summer
  • Freeride KC Mat, useful length 90 cm, matt versatile.

    625,00 €
    available within 2 weeks during spring and summer available within 2 weeks during spring and summer
  • Stabilo M, the most versatile of the range to mount without drift, provides stability in pitch and roll.

    200,00 €
    delivery 1 to 2 weeks delivery 1 to 2 weeks
  • Fuselage Ketos 100% carbonFuselage Ketos of second generation.A better flow for an improved glide for only 380 g.

    491,67 €
    delivery 1 to 2 weeks delivery 1 to 2 weeks
  • The 100 cm mast, R K-C, for more radical conditions, a profile designed for speed. Ketos Core technology This race profil could be cut at 95, 90, 85, 80 cm

    766,67 €
    3 weeks when special length 3 weeks when special length
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    The S2 stabilo, range 2018, for more glide , maneuverability. Expert level rider stabilo

    204,17 €
    delivered under one week delivered under one week
  • Stabilo Large : débutant à confirmé, objectif sécurité stabilité… 100 % compatible Ketos, toutes génerations

    208,33 €
    In Stock In Stock
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    Thanks to this new front-wing, offering a wide range of use, you will be able to ride almost every day, from 4 knots. If you now want to fly in the lightest winds, scream upwind when everyone else flounders in the water, surf above the waves like your snowboarding endless powder, this wing is for you. Program : Extra-Light Wind, LightWind, Waves, Pumping...

    500,00 €
    delay 2 to 3 weeks delay 2 to 3 weeks
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    The Wave XL uses a profile that allows to balance lift,maneuverability & stablility. It is aimed at purists in search of real surfing sensations in clean waves but also it favours bump & jump conditions.The WaveXL is possibly the most user friendly wing in the Ketos range.

    458,33 €
    delivery 1 to 2 weeks delivery 1 to 2 weeks
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    The FR2 wing is a user friendly, stable and has great foiling speed. It’s quick to get up on the foil, goes up-wind really easily and it’s playful: the all round perfect foil.For those of you who like a more free ride approach it is the most versatile wing in our range, consequently the it is the ‘must have wing’ to have in your quiver of foil wings.

    433,33 €
    delivery 1 to 2 weeks delivery 1 to 2 weeks
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    The FreeRace wing has been designed to combine accessibility with speed. Pure glide, a wing that accelerates progressively when you load the foil, progressive acceleration reassuring, a very smooth glide and maneuverability. Program: speed with pleasure, distance

    450,00 €
    delivery 1 to 2 weeks delivery 1 to 2 weeks
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