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You will find here our full range of products for KITEFOIL



Our Range of Masts : find the profile and the length best suited for you

Carbon Mast - Ketos Core technology


KETOS Front Wings Range : adapt your foil to your level and your practice.

Carbon Wings - KETOS technology - Products manufactured in France


Large range of KETOS rear wings. 

French manufactured products - Carbon


carbone fuselage for hydrofoil

KF Box

Find here the KF Box connector, for your board, KF Box IN,inside insert, for board 40 mm mini, KF Box Middle, 19 mm in your board 21 outside, KF Box Out, platine compatible with quite all US Rails board

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  • 1 Review(s)

    This range of stabilo is drilled in G10, program, maneuverability, reserved for confirmed or expert rider 2 sizes : 350 

    83,33 €
    deliverde under one week deliverde under one week
  • short mast, for wake foil & sup foil. 65 cm with reinforced top of mast, designed with thick top of mast, ideal for wake & sup practice Ideal with a large front wing as 1200 or Canopy 100% compatible with all our references, but not adapted to Kite Foil

    466,67 €
    delivery 2 to 3 weeks delivery 2 to 3 weeks
  • 1 Review(s)

    This new mast 100RFx, is dedicated for long ride. High speed, you can push on it with serenity Very efficient, very stable, with its larger chord When the water is shoppy or for short curves, the 100 RKC is more adapted than the RFX

    808,33 €
    delay 3 to 4 weeks delay 3 to 4 weeks
  • 1 Review(s)

    Stabilo FreeRide, ideal to progress, gives stability thanks to is small winglets, provides stability in yaw, pitch and roll. Level beginner to confirmed level

    208,33 €
    delivery 3 to 4 weeks delivery 3 to 4 weeks
  • 3 Review(s)

    For LightWind and ExtraLightWind : 

    500,00 €
    1 week delay 1 week delay
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