Tuto Toeside Tack

Toeside Tack
click here  : video Toeside Tack

Drop your back hand, and go upwind in toeside position.
Lean your body on the extended centre line of your foil. Gradually position your kite to 12 o'clock. The kite has to be in the 12 o'clock position when the board is facing the wind. Send the kite on the other side ashore to regain speed. For the first attempts, you can leave the board on the water to complete this transition. After the turn, give a little more pressure on your back foot to prevent the foil from diving. If you don't wind up enough your kite, you may be ejected. You have to find the right timing and maintain as much speed as you can. It is better if your kite has a slight advance on your position. You can also do a wing loop to keep a good speed at the end of the transition. Open your shoulder and arch yourself, if you don't want to block the rotation.

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