Tutorial One foot slide

Start by placing your hand on the front of the board by crouching down or by grabbing the backside rail.
Place your back foot directly over the mast to better control the pitch.
For the initial attempts, tense the front foot without trying to touch the water.
Control the pitch by equalising your weight between the back foot and the front hand.
Find the correct position for the rear foot.
If the foil rises, move the back foot slightly forward.
If the foil goes down, move the back foot slightly backwards.
To facilitate this manoeuvre try keeping the kite at the zenith or in a position high enough to support your weight to find your balance point more easily.
Before stretching the foot, lower the board almost to the water level, to control the foil more easily.
Stretch your leg forward trying to touch the water with your toes.
To stand upright, replace the front foot and then straighten up slowly and power up the kite.

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