Wave XL versus FR2XL

Wave XL versus FR2XL

Wave XL 575-surface 790

The perfect wing for surfing waves. Its increased lift allows you to fly at very low speeds, to sail underpowered and discover the sensations of foil surfing or to enjoy super light wind sessions. 

Its maneuverability allows you to engage tight curves and remains extremely stable at slow foiling speeds. Its average speed corresponds perfectly for wave and free-ride use but due to its super-stability it's also very good for beginners.

Freeride 2 XL 690-surface 890

The indispensable light wind weapon to foil whenever regardless of your weight. Its lift allows you to take off very early and navigate at incredibly slow speeds. 

With its super-smooth glide and great stability, the learning of aerial transitions becomes child's play even in the lightest of winds.

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    Perregaux juil. 1, 2019

    Quelle différence entre la freeride 2 xl et la 'so easy' ?

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