Kahuna Plane and Box Pack

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You will find in this pack a complete wing plane for the wing as well as a KF box out.

– a front wing 1180, 980 or 1680

– A Fuselage Wing 70 or 59 cm

– an 435-280 wing stabilizater

– A KF box out, plate adaptable to all US rail boards on the market, hole spacing 90

and screws for front & rear wings ( also for the box if you select the option).


Which Kahuna front wing and fuselage for you ?

The 980, high aspect ratio front wing, with the 70 cm fuselage, speed, glide, upwind and maneuverability. For a medium size rider the wind range is 15 knots and more. Linear take off.

The 980 with the 59 cm fuselage, is an expert combo with even more maneuverability, tight curve, short turns. Great for Freefly on small swells.

The 1180 is a high aspect ratio front wing hyper maneuverable, ultra reactive, quick and fast. Same programs than the 980, but in lower wind, and better at low speed. With the 59 cm fuselage it increases maneuverability and with the 70 cm fuselage the Take off is more easy.

The 1680 is a gradual front wing, Low Speed program, with a powerful Take Off, really linear and a facilitated timing. Perfect for beginners. With the 70 cm fuselage it’s an accessible and powerful Combo. With the 59 cm, it’s a fun combo in waves <1m. Great in FreeFly.

Additional information

Weight6 kg
Front wing

Kahuna 1180, Kahuna 1680, Kahuna 980

Rear wing

Wing 280 rear wing


Fuselage wing 59 cm, Fuselage Wing 70cm


(T nuts M6 + M6x35) x 4, (T nuts M6 + M6x40) x 4, no screw, T nuts M6 x 4


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