Large range of KETOS rear wings. 

French manufactured products - Carbon

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    Stabilo FreeRide, new stabilo Summer 18, ideal to progress, gives stability thanks to is small winglets, provides stability in yaw, pitch and roll. Level beginner to confirmed level

    208,33 €
    delivery 1 to 2 weeks delivery 1 to 2 weeks
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    The Stabilo XS2 is very expert stabilo, for more maneuverability and speed. The extreme precision of its profile and its thickness can induce a whistling noise, which can annoy some riders.  If you are sensitive to noise we recommend the G10 350 How to choose your stabilo : click HERE

    166,67 €
    deliverde under one week deliverde under one week
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    The S2 stabilo, range 2018, for more glide , maneuverability. Expert level rider stabilo

    204,17 €
    delivered under one week delivered under one week
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    This range of stabilo is drilled in G10, program, maneuverability, reserved for confirmed or expert rider 2 sizes : 350 

    83,33 €
    deliverde under one week deliverde under one week
  • Stabilo Large : débutant à confirmé, objectif sécurité stabilité… 100 % compatible Ketos, toutes génerations

    208,33 €
    In Stock In Stock
  • Stabilo M, the most versatile of the range to mount without drift, provides stability in pitch and roll.

    200,00 €
    delivery 1 to 2 weeks delivery 1 to 2 weeks
  • New

    This new KARVER stabilo is the result of our will to combine great stability, and playful sensations. This stabilizer fits with all our KETOS front wings range. Technology KC, Carbon

    208,33 €
    2 weeks delay 2 weeks delay
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