KETOS others foils

Ketos others foils

Find here our selection of boards, packs and spare parts for the pumping, wakefoil and surfoil. The pleasure of the glide without wind by KETOS.

Picture : Timon Bachmann

Rider : Dylan Perez

Wake foil

Surf foil

Pumping, Wakefoil and Surfoil.

You want to foil without wind ?

Choose your Ketos, and go ride the world with our 100% carbone and lightweight foil.

As Dylan on the picture, go hike in the alpine moutains, carry your foil with you and ride a beautiful hiding lake in pumping. Ketos : freedom and fun

The others foils

A selection of our foils and boards which allows you to practise one the 3 disciplines below.


Practice the foil behind a boat to enjoy the waves generated by it tempts you. At Ketos we offer you wakefoil packages whether you are a beginner or a master at following the boat.


Want to go surfing in the Ocean with your Ketos, discover our selection of foils approved by our testers. Let yourself be carried away by the power of the waves without being slowed down by the friction of your board.


Ketos is here for your shape with our selection for pumping and dockstart, better than crossfit, yours abs and legs work hard, and you can enjoy the fresh air.

Our must search packs