In this part you will find our KETOS foil accessories for KITEFOIL, KF Box connectors, Foil Bag and Board Bag, screw, insert, footstraps

  • Foil board accessories

    Foil board accessories (18)

    All our foil board accessories;
  • Bags

    Bags (19)

    Boardbags and foilbags, felt covers
  • Kite bar

    Kite bar (2)

    New development in progress. Product not available for a month or two.
  • KF Box

    KF Box (4)

    KETOS created and developed the KFBOX. Find here the KF Box connector, for your board, KF Box IN,inside insert, for board 40 mm mini, KF Box Middle, 19 mm in your board 21 outside, KF Box Out, platine compatible with quite all US Rails board.
  • Screws

    Screws (14)

    New screws for our foils :  Torx Stainless Steel
  • Shims

    Shims (3)

    Positive and negative shims for KETOS kitefoil
  • Wear and hoodie

    Wear and hoodie (9)

    KETOS T-shirts and lycras, hoodie, stickers

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