Discover all ketos foils: wing foil, kitefoil, wake foil, surf foil, pumping foil. Beginner to expert wingfoil pack. Beginner to expert kitefoil pack.

  • Kitefoil Packs

    Kitefoil Packs (12)

    Here are some suggestions for yours configurations that seems relevant to us, thanks to our riders feedbacks. But you can imagine the pack of your choice in the "spare parts" section : all our parts are compatible with each other.
  • Wing foil Packs Kahuna

    Wing foil Packs Kahuna (8)

    We take a long time to finalize our wing range product, purpose was to give you same sensation and comfort as you find in our kitefoil range. You evolve from kite to wing, with the Kahuna range you will be at home, You discover the foil via the Wing, you will finally have the pleasure of discovering the pleasure of…
  • Kitefoil Board

    Kitefoil Board (4)

    Ketos Foil board, Often imitated, but never equaled Carbon Boards KETOS for kitefoiling, extra-light, Kfbox
  • Wing foil Board

    Wing foil Board (3)

    Wingfoil Board by Ketos 100% Made in Savoie board, 25 kg EPS foam shaped in the workshop, 100% carbon/epoxy lamination, Ketos technology proven since 2009 on our kitefoil boards.
  • Pumping

    Pumping (11)

    Ours board, packs and Spare parts for the pumping and dockstart, you will certainly find the right foil for you, your abs will hates Ketos.
  • Surf foil

    Surf foil (5)

    Our selection of packs for the surfoil, ride the wave with Ketos.
  • Wake foil

    Wake foil (4)

    Here find a selection of packs beginners to experts for the wakefoil made by our Ketos riders.
  • KETOS foil accessories

    KETOS foil accessories (63)

    In this part you will find our KETOS foil accessories for KITEFOIL, KF Box connectors, Foil Bag and Board Bag, screw, insert, footstraps
  • Ketos foil

    Ketos foil (15)

    Ketos foil - 3G Composite - Découvrez ici les produits ketos foil