A 30 years experience in carbon and sport

KETOS is the result of years of development and research in high performance composite materials. Before working for its own brand, KETOS, the company 3G COMPOSITE developed and manufactured parts for major brands : Salomon, Beuchat, Mavic, Sup’Air, Ixbo, Advance

In 2009, we decided to use our expertise in composite materials for kitefoil. That was the beginning of a great experience.

Our values

  • A fully mastered chain, from design to marketing. All our parts are imagined, designed, prototyped, manufactured and controlled by us, in our workshop located in Aix-les-Bains. Our team is involved in all stages up to manufacturing.
  • Produce and source our raw materials in France, as close as possible to our workshop. Develop French know-how.
  • Prioritize sustainability : Our products are designed to be repairable, interchangeable, and to last over time. We select our raw materials according to their mechanical characteristics, but also on the basis of environmental criteria: use of bio-sourced resins, reasoned production.
  • Team spirit :  the company is on a human scale, and is based on the wealth and diversity of its team. Everyone contributes according to their desires and skills. Our goal: to be creative and productive, and to make everyone feel at home with us. And work in a good moon !

Here is the video of our team and workshop !