KETOS Kitefoil

Ketos kitefoil

Find here all our kitefoil products: beginner kitefoil pack to expert kitefoil pack, separate kitefoil elements, and kitefoil board.

Picture: Jean-Luc Roustan

Rider: César Merarin

Kitefoil Pack

Board Dockstart Pumping 107

Kitefoil Board

Compose your kitefoil

You discover the foil via the kitefoil.

Glide, Comfort and accessibility.

Evolutives Products: all our spare parts are compatible with each others, wich allows you to make your foil evolved according to your desires, to you level, and your practise.

KETOS, it’s 30 years of experiences in the carbone and composite material manufacturing. It’s also almost 15 years of conception and manufacture of Foils.

Kitefoil front wing

Kitefoil Mast

stabilo Kitefoil Karver M 280

Kitefoil Stabilo

Fuselage court KiteFoil 56 cm

Kitefoil Fuselage

KF Box

Kitefoil Tuto


Fabrication 100% française, dans notre atelier situé près du Lac du Bourget.


Our Beginner Packs offer you comfort, stability, and security. When you take the level they continue to be relevant, and if you want to gain speed just change the stabilo.


Our range includes many packages suitable for an intermediate level. Whatever your program, you will find the one that suits you from lightwind to freestyle.


You are looking for extreme maneuverability, you like to make the tightest turns possible. You are in the right place, at Ketos we offer you foils that like as much the crazy tricks as you.

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