Wingfoil, Surfoil, Pumping Which front wing for which program?

Wingfoil, Surfoil, Pumping Which front wing for which program?

Small review of our current and past wingfoil front wings ranges,to understand the range.

As you probably know, kite foils design and process is a big part of our knowhow since 2009 ! 

For the wingfoil it is a little more recent, but the number of models is already very large. 

Developing wing foils when you know so much about kitefoil could seem easy, but, the constraints, the efforts and the speed are not at all the same, the components profile, thickness, ratio are very different. Similarly the efforts on the various elements are not at all identical. 

We had to rethink the wing/fuselage assembly so that the carbon fuselage (yes, we do not know how to make anything other than carbon, at the same time it is our know-how for more than 30 years) can withstand the efforts suffered in wingfoil.

For the front wings, we always develop with the same moto, the same philosophy : gliding, maneuverability, accessibility and intergenerational compatibility. 

We have developed several ranges for different programs and we continue to release new design to best match your needs and desires. It also means that we stopped producing some front wings, however, they remain relevant for certain programmes. Let us give you an update below.

Kahuna Wing 1600 Season 2020/2021

  • Surface : 1600 cm²
  • Wingspan: 924 mm
  • Allongement : 5,34

The very first wing we have marketed . 

Pros : A wing with a very good glide, a gradual take off, once launched it has a nice cruising speed and is extremely stable.

Why aren’t we producing it anymore ? We know how to do better today in terms of low range. It takes good wind conditions and some speed to perform take off. But in strong wind conditions, it can be a very good wing to discover this sport at a lower cost.

Kahuna Wing 1200 Season 2021

  • Surface : 1200 cm²
  • Wingspan : 920 mm
  • Aspect Ratio :  7,05

With which parts to associate it ?

Prefer the long fuselage to have a lower pumping rate. The stab wing 220 works well with this wing, compromise lift speed very nice with this stab. But also compatible, wing 280, wing 180, Karver S, kitefoil S2, kitefoil XS2, the Karvers S offers a good compromise speed lift for an average weight (77 kg)

A frontwing that glides well, maneuverable a moderate ratio of 7, the 1200 Kahuna has found its place in a dynamic glide and for those who want to pump a little to go get a train of swell or try the dockstart, it’s an interesting wing, You can find it in second hand or Refurbished on our e-shop.

Pumping/Dockstart/Surfoi l: The start is not simple but once in flight, the foil is efficient, you can manage to take a good speed and the lift is very good, even at low speed compared to its size.

Wingfoil : The wing has good lift, it takes off relatively early for its size. We leave as early as with the 1600, and once in flight the 1200 is great ! The wing has a good glide, it is effective in pumping once you have a minimum speed. The compromise ratio, profile, lift, mania is good. 

Kite : In 4m² in not much wind and micro swell, you can really have fun. We don’t find the gliding of kite wings and not as much mania but we have enough to have fun and pumping is really effective unlike kite wings !

Kahuna Wing 1500 Season 2021

  • Surface : 1500 cm²
  • Wingspan : 1030 mm
  • Aspect Ratio: 7,07

Prefer the long fuselage to optimize it. The 1500 has an easy pumping with speed and a friendly maneuverability. The start without momentum in dockstart is done without too much effort. It goes well with the wing 220 or 280 stab, to avoid support errors at the start.

We find the same characteristics as the 1200, with less maneuverability, ideal for people over  80 kg

Perfect for pumping, light wind, small wave conditions.

Efficiency Wing 980 Season 2022

  • Surface : 984 cm²
  • Wingspan : 835 mm
  • Aspect Ratio : 7,09

To be mounted with a 59 cm or 70 cm Wingfoil fuselage and stab wing 180.

A medium ratio wing that requires a bit of wind. The mania is very nice and the glide is good.

We stopped producing it because it lacks a bit of lift compared to the profiles we developed for this season. The profile deserved a little more lift for the freefly even if you can pump with a good muzzle speed, but you must not slow down.

Efficiency Wing 1180 Season 2022

  • Surface : 1194 cm²
  • Wingspan : 920 mm
  • Aspect Ratio : 7,09

Wing at moderate ratio, the 1180 got a better glide than the 1200 in wing, its behavior is however less good in pumping.

It works in Dockstart, but remains technical, for this discipline. 

Technical start but once gone the yield is good.

In pure wingfoil, the 1180 leaves better than the 1200, very good glide with the stab Wing 220, a very pleasant glide.

Liberty Wing 1680 Season 2022/2023

  • Surface : 1680 cm²
  • Wingspan : 990 mm
  • Aspect Ratio  : 5,83

This is a wing that bears its name, “Liberty”. Once it takes off, it doesn’t go down, even at very low speeds. She accepts the light as the strong wind. An ideal wing to begin with and cruising, it is maneuverable and soft despite its wingspan,with this front wing, you will find a glide and behavior like kite Ketos models, between the Kruiser and the Kool. You want to work on your transitions, progress, navigate whatever the conditions, this is the wing you need !

It accepts without worries the 2 fuselage lengths, the short will increase its maneuverability. For stabilos, the wing 280 is perfect to start, while the 220 will allow to gain maneuverability and speed.

  • Level : Beginner to Intermediate
  • Program : allround
  • Price : 825 € TTC

780 Wing Season 2022/2023

  • Surface : 800 cm²
  • Wingspan : 680 mm
  • Aspect Ratio: 5,78

A wing adapted to the wing practice in waves. It is made for breaking waves, around 2 meters.

With this wing with medium aspect ratio you will have the perfect toy for maneuverability in freefly surf in wave

Despite its surface of 800, this wing has an impressive take off. It grows strong, very good low range, very good glide for its surface and super maneuverability, the top in WAVES. On the other hand it is a pure wingwave foil, it is very handy, but you will have trouble to pump, it does not have the scope for. 

In sensations, for those who know the range ketos in kitefoil, it would approach the glide of the Wave XL.

  • Level: intermediate surfer at Expert
  • Price : 640 € TTC

1280 Wing Season 2023

  • Surface : 1288 cm²
  • Wingspan : 880 mm
  • Aspect Ratio : 6,01

A wing with a moderate ratio, a very pleasant and soft glide, for harmonious curves, ultra maneuverable, excellent lift, take off very easy, it will be the wing of all conditions for an intermediate rider, the 1280 starts very early and stayyyyyyyy high ! With the stabilo wing 180 it turns very short. You will go miles in comfort.

  • Program : Cruising, long distance, turns
  • Level :  intermediate
  • Price : 740 € TTC

880HPS Wing Season 2023

  • Surface : 894 cm²
  • Wingspan : 950 mm
  • Aspect Ratio: 10.1

Amazing, bluffing I think these are the first words you say when you come out of the water, in addition to your delighted smile ! Add to that a cutting edge technology, HPS for High Power Speed and I think you have the synthesis of this magical wing.

The behavior is astonishing, considering the surface and the high aspect ratio, one might expect a technical wing. In fact, the choice of profile, thicknesses and the design of the outline make it a powerful, fast wing that has glide. Despite its size of 950, it remains very manageable. 

Icing on the cake, this wing is as comfortable in Wing, in Freefly, in surf, where she will love the swell and the speed, as in Kite with a hybrid wing in super Lightwind.

The start is lightning, pumping is necessarily at the rendezvous given the high elongation greater than 10. The glide is great, the takeoff is fast, we quickly gain confidence and we engage without fear in the big swells for beautiful accelerations. 

It is not as handy as the 780 because of its large wingspan, but as the wingtips are thin, it still turns quite well.  It is quickly tamed, a wing for all foil practices!

  • Optimum size: < 80kg
  • Level : Intermediate to Expert
  • Program : The GRAAL of Sliding
  • Price : 650€TTC

1080HPS Wing Season 2023

  • Surface : 1094 cm²
  • Wingspan : 1055 mm
  • Aspect Ratio : 10,17

The big sister of the 880HPS, for light and oversize weighing 80 kg.

Not yet released that it already makes people talk about it ! The pre-series directly conquered the target audience. It was missing an adjustment hair, it is already in pre-production. By the way, I’m digressing here a little in the article, but having absolutely all the means of design on site and production tools in-house, thanks to our last acquisition of a machining center, at the end of 2022, we manage to be hyper reactive and virtuous, in our approach to processes and reuse of production materials.

Same profile and design range as the 880HPS, the 1080HPS is a butcher shop in wing, pumping, surfoil and even kitefoil etc. Super balanced it does not grow on the leg before even for a small size in the light.

Amazing and accessible in dockstart, we can leave without running, we even talk about rockstart.

In pumping its lift and glide allow it to stay on its way, to stop pumping. It keeps its glide and flight for several meters. If your board touches the water, it keeps its plate on the end of the roll. We find the same possibilities of kitefoil in hybrid kite wing. 

A glider, perfect for downwind.

  • Optimum size : >80kg ou super lightwind 
  • Level : Intermediate to Expert
  • Program : The GRAAL of Sliding
  • Price : 700 € TTC