Tuto Beginner Dockstart with Ketos

Tuto Beginner Dockstart with Ketos

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Stephane Goffinet concocted us a tutorial

dockstart or laderstart in Ketos.

If you have the choice, a pontoon 30-50 cm above the water is ideal, with enough bottom.
Choose a large foil long enough to give you a high lift at low speed.
Uses a medium-sized stab to keep maneuverability and rotate the foil more easily.

In this video Stephane use :

Dockstart 1980 Front Wing

Wingfoil 71 cm Mast

Wingfoil 70 cm Fuselage

Wingfoil 180 stabilo

Dockstart 107 Pumping Board

Find this combo in the Rockstart pack or if you want a stab a little bigger we offer you the Beginner pack

Several sessions are usually necessary before success, so stay persistent and have fun!

Choose carbon, reactivity and lightness to start the Dockstart in peace.