KETOS Stabilizer’s choice

KETOS Stabilizer’s choice

The stabilizer is an essential part of your foil. It helps to balance the foil. The behavior of your foil can change depending on the chosen stabilizer. All of our stabilizers fit our fuselages and front wings. However, some associations will be more relevant depending on your level, your program …

For beginners, we recommend a FreeRide SFR stabilo or a Karver L 330.

FreeRide SFR stabilizer

Thanks to its winglets, which are “vertical” parts located at the tips of the stabilizer, it offers an excellent control to your foil. Good stability on the yaw axis, in addition to its excellent stability on the pitch axis. Accessible, predictable. It allows you to keep your balanced easily and will help you learn maneuvers.

Karver L 330

It is the widest stabilizer in the range. Thanks to this width and its volume, it will bring you confidence and stability. A good combination with large wings (1200V2, Kruiser). Such a configuration can help you to carry out your first maneuvers and progress

From the intermediate level

Karver 280

Recommended for waves and carving programs. Main strengths : Smooth turns, sharp turns, excellent carving potential As soon as the turn is started, it turns.

Karver S 200

With its small size, it allows you to gain maneuverability and responsiveness. For waves, freestyle and carving programs. For the intermediate level, to be associated with a standard fuselage.

Experienced and expert riders

We developed a range of fairly flat stabilizers, with twist at the tips, to optimize sliding.

S2 Stabilizer

This stabilo is for experienced riders looking for maneuverability and speed. It’s a fast stabilo with excellent glide. It is a high-performance stabilo, a little more technical than the S we had before in our range. It will bring more stability than the XS2. Its design voluntarily gives a little lace and roll. If you associate it with a 1 meter mast, we recommend the 100cm RFx profile.

XS2 Stabilizer

For expert riders looking for minimum drag and tighter curves Good balance in pitch, very responsive Suits freestyle needs. There is a feeling of yaw and roll, as “smooth rear tires”.