Tuto foil kitefoil Aerial

Tuto foil kitefoil Aerial

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Tutorial – Aérial  

Step 1 – Pitch control Before starting to jump, it’s wise to master the pitch control of the foil that will facilitate good take offs and landings of the jumps. Practice raising and lowering the board by changing your weight distribution via the front and back feet. Press down firmly on the back foot to raise the foil as quickly as possible. Press down on the front foot to lower the foil. Keeping the front hand free of the bar to balance more easily.

Step 2 – The Take-Off Bend the legs whilst going up wind, then press down slightly on the front leg to make the foil dive. Finally, press the back leg firmly to make the board take-off. Drive the kite slowly upwards so that it is at the zenith at the moment of the take-off. Sheet in during the take-off and keep the kite high during the jump. When the foil comes out of the water, the board should be straightened with the nose of the board pointing slightly into the wind. Bend your legs during the jump to stay in contact with your board.

Step 3 – Landing As soon as you begin to descend, slightly unfold the legs to keep contact with the board. As soon as the foil touches the water, place your front hand back on the bar to send the kite to maintain speed. When the foil comes into contact with the water, it is necessary to equalise the distribution of pressure on both feet and as soon as possible apply pressure to the back foot to make the foil rise. In the early stages of learning this manoeuvre land with more pressure on the front leg because, placing direct pressure on leg back is likely to eject the foil in front of you !

Tuto Aérial from ketos foil on Vimeo.