Tuto foil Rodeo foil Riding

Tuto foil Rodeo foil Riding

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Step 1 Crouch down to adopt a more compact rider position. Before sitting down, practice by crouching and adopting a tight compact rider position. Repeat this process until you feel comfortable and stable in this position. Place your hand on the front of the board or grab the backside rail. The kite must remain in a fairly high position to support your weight.

Step 2 Sit down gradually. Sit down with your foot resting on the board. Bend your back leg more or less to balance the foil. Find the right position to sit down (this demands some experimentation to find the sweet spot). If the foil goes up, move slightly forward. If the foil goes down, move slightly back.

Step 3 Sitting directly. Place your front hand at the front of the board. Commit to sitting down without shifting your center of gravity. Use your front hand to stabilize the pitch. If the foil is not stable, reposition yourself slightly by shuffling your buttocks.

Step 4 Standing up. To get back on the foil, first position your front hand. Then reposition the back foot and finally the front foot. When you stand up you’ll need to send the kite to the zenith & sheet in to reduce weight on the foil. Once you’ve stood-up, resend the kite to power up & accelerate. Now let’s go have fun !

Tuto kitefoil – Rider assis from ketos foil on Vimeo.