Konnect Fuselage

330,00  TTC

all terrain

 Pump, Wing, Kite

 Length: 70 cm

Design: Optimized for maximum hydrodynamics, glide and pumping rigidity. Compatibility with all wings in the range, guaranteed by 2 carbon adapters, Kite and Wing.

Weight: 680 g, the standard wing carbon 510 g

Materials: Alumium 7075, integrated sacrificial anode, CNC machined in the workshop, use of TefGel for screws.


After many months of reflection, we are delighted to present our new 2024 model: a new fuselage with a new front-wing and rear-wing connection!

The number 1 objective is to improve hydrodynamics, as the fuselage no longer sits on top of the wing but inside it, which undeniably benefits the flow along this junction. What’s more, we’re improving the fuselage/mast connection to refine the latter’s largest cross-section, and are now down to 2 screws!

The second objective of this research is to offer you the Ketos glide at a reduced cost, so we’re bringing out this new aluminum fuselage at a price of €350 !

Finally, the 3rd objective is to maintain, as we have since the beginning, the compatibility of parts even with previous generations, so we supply adapters to retrofit your old masts or wings with these new connections. It’s plug & play with no shimming required.

In detail:
– if you have an old mast, simply send it back to us so we can modify it to the new mast standard*, and we’ll also supply an adapter to connect it to a carbon kite or wing fuselage from the range, offered for all orders before May 31, 2024.
– to connect an existing kite or wing to this new fuselage, we offer 2 adapters (1 kite and 1 wing), all new wings will be developed on this new connection without the need for an adapter.

The first jet of this new Alu fuselage is in standard length, the short one is on its way, and a carbon version will be available in Spring, depending on demand!

This fuselage is kite and wing compatible, so there’s no need for 2 fuselages, less equipment and therefore lower costs for all types of flying: Kite, Wing, Pump, Surf, Downwind….. all with Ketos quality, glide and tracking!

With this modification, we’re down to 2 screws for the mast/fuselage connection and 3 for the wing, and of course a sacrificial anode is integrated to avoid any risk of osmosis.

* the mast heel remains the same with a tapered fitting, so it’s compatible with all your fuselages. We’ve just lowered the height of this heel to reduce the fuselage cross-section and thus improve glide; the icing on the cake is the 2 screws used to connect the 2 elements.

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