Wingfoil frontwing 980 Kahuna

350,00  TTC

A High Aspect Ratio wing, 7.1 for a Confirmed to Expert public,

Fast and Technical wing, easy to handle while maintaining power <82kg

This front wing combines maneuverability and speed 

Tight Curve

Felt cover & screw included


Glide, maneuverability, easy Take Off, 

Surface: 980 cm²

Span: 840mm

High Aspect Ratio, a range with high aspect ratio, for use at high speeds

    • New generation profiles, a refined leading edge for more incisive navigation, a fast Take Off, a very fluid glide thanks to the very good CX, all of this brings much more glide. The wing has decreasing profiles, the refinement at the wingtips allows faster engagement in curves, jibes, tack and other 360°….

    • Outlines : elliptical shapes, a fairly flat canopy for better performance, a slight dihedral at the tip of the feathers, for stability. A reduced rope. A thinner profile to limit drag while maintaining good lift.

    • Rounded wing tips to facilitate wave curves and a small detail that is important, taking care of you and your wing.

   • Dynamic performance in Pumping

Super stiff wings, which restore all the performance and give precision.

A full carbon / ketos Core technology. The profiles are carefully selected and validated, according to precise specifications to bring you the pure pleasure of glide.

Combined with 59 cm Fuselage : confirmed to Expert level, gives you more maneuverability, this combo is great if rider is under < 80 kg Tight Curves, FreeFly on small waves, Pumping & Jump.

Combined with 70 cm Fuselage : Take Off will be easier, good acceleration, easier pumping on start, glide, upwind, for a mid size rider, start around 15 nots and no up limit. Linear take off, smooth curves.

Additional information


980 cm²


Carving, Wave


Confirmed, expert

Approx. Weight

850 g


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