KiteFoil starter pack

The perfect foil to start, and to progress.

Also adapted for shallow water. 


1 x Mast 70 cm or 90 cm

1 x Fuselage

1 x front wing, wave, wave XL or 1200

1 x Stabilo FreeRide SFR, or FreeRide L

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Easy transitions at low speed. Progressive take-off. Great stability. 

So simple to have fun with it ! 

Association : fits with the Stabilo FreeRide SFR 


the wave with it's small span is adapted for beginners, small or medium riders

program : manoeuvrabiliy, carving, stability


This front wing is now a reference in the world of kite. Its profile and its outline fit with every weight and every wind. Super-lift, maneuverability, stability

Ideal for beginners, but confirmed and expert foilers love it too.

It will allow you to start smoothly and its super flight quality will reassure you to pass your first aerial transitions without the necessity of too much speed.


You want to start in light or very light winds ? It's now possible with this huge front wing.

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KiteFoil starter pack