KETOS Front Wings Range : adapt your foil to your level and your practice.

Carbon Wings - KETOS technology - Products manufactured in France

  • The Wave front wing is our most playful wing in the Ketos range. Made for those of you who are looking for a reactive foil but wishing to have fun in the waves or in formed bump & jump conditions to combine very tight curves.

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    The Wave XL is the latest addition to Ketos program and utilises a new profile that allows it to balance lift,maneuverability & stablility. It is aimed at purists in search of real surfing sensations in clean waves but also it favours bump & jump conditions.The WaveXL is possibly the most user friendly wing in the Ketos range.

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    The FR2 wing is a user friendly, stable and has great foiling speed. It’s quick to get up on the foil, goes up-wind really easily and it’s playful: the all round perfect foil.For those of you who like a more free ride approach it is the most versatile wing in our range, consequently the it is the ‘must have wing’ to have in your quiver of foil wings.

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    The FreeRace wing has been designed to combine accessibility with speed. Pure glide, a wing that accelerates progressively when you load the foil, progressive acceleration reassuring, a very smooth glide and maneuverability. Program: speed with pleasure, distance

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  • CHANGE OF DESIGN FOR MORE SENSATION, COMING SOONspan 660, surface 1200, programme :  Purpose :  lift, slip, start in small swell Philosophy : keep a wing that has excellent glide, despite its lift

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