Kitefoil front wing FREERACE

550,00  TTC

Level : confirmed to Expert Rider

Program : Freerace, upwind, glide at high speed with pleasure of foiling, distance

The FreeRace wing has been designed to combine accessibility with speed.

Pure glide, a wing that accelerates progressively when you load the foil, progressive acceleration reassuring, a very smooth glide and maneuverability.

Felt covers and screws for the wing included, screw are not the same for short or standard fuselage, think to select the good one.

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The FreeRace wing : accessibility, speed, glide, comfort, carving

Wind range for a 75 kg rider and a 12 m² wing : x knots and more (I’m waiting for your feedback)!

in accordance with our philosophy, it is primarily on accessibility that we have oriented the specifications of this wing

Adaptation is immediate, more comfort, more softness

With a simple push, it accelerates and acceleration is very natural, you will go faster without realizing it without forcing on your front leg. Easy air tack, good lift.  

Condition of this first test : 9-12 knot with slightly formed sea Race wing 11m  

Which Stabilo

With XS2, carving ++, speed, for expert rider

With S2 (soon available) speed++, carving(bigger curve than with the XS2), confirmed rider

Look: with its great lengthening, it looks like an albatross ..

Additional information

Weight4 kg
Dimensions18 × 65 × 6 cm

620 cm2



Screws Center distance

72 mm



Wind range

8 knots and more


Confirmed, expert

Approx. Weight



for both, screw / short fuselage, screw/classic fuselage

1 review for Kitefoil front wing FREERACE

  1. Pep Clotas Jucgla (verified owner)

    I have been using this front wing paired with RFX 83, kite short fuselage and S2 stab for almost 4 years now. I know it is not the conventional set up, usually people use race wing with longer fuselage and longer mast, to be more stable, but I have found that with short fuselage you open a new world of tricks carves… an endless world of speedy possibilities.

    I live in Catalunya at the Golf of Rosas, in the Mediterranean, we do not have as much waves as I wish, but we have small wind swell and with this set up you can enjoy every tinny wave. I love the ability that short fuselage gives me to turn in a second, the playfulness and the small turning radius. The front wing is fast, he loves to go faster and faster and it glides like a dream, it is really easy to maintain 30knots, and once there if you go downwind it last a looong time before it stalls. If you keep the speed it is easy enough to pump, but without it is hard.

    I have been capable of testing the same set up with Wave XL, but I do not like it as much. In my opinion if you pair playful front wing with short fuselage it is hard to be comfortable when riding or carving, it becomes too lose. With the Free-race and short fuse, you can turn easy enough but at same time the larger span and the flatten profile allows for casual look around you, or a talk with your windsurf slalom friends.

    Minimum wind speed is 8knots with a 9m inflatable wave kite.
    With 10 or 10 plus you can reach incredible speeds 30knots easily, my top speed is around 35-36. Is in that conditions where long fuselage would be better.

    Give it a try, the feeling is incredible! Thank you KeToS!!!

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