front wing wave XL

The Wave XL is the latest addition to Ketos program and utilises a new profile that allows it to balance lift,
maneuverability & stablility.
It is aimed at purists in search of real surfing sensations in clean waves but also it favours bump & jump
The WaveXL is possibly the most user friendly wing in the Ketos range.

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Wave XL is Made for those of you who are looking for a reactive foil wishing to have fun in the waves or
on the flat and link very tight curves in light wind condition.

The Wave wing knows how to be very radical while remaining simple to use.
Its reactivity also makes it an excellent wing for freestyle and will allow you to constantly push your limits to new levels.
Its small surface is most suited to small/medium sized riders (<80kg).

Beginners will use it with a medium stabiliser for better stability.
Confirmed foilers will prefer a small Stab for increased maneuverability.
Finally, experts will use it with a XS stab to get more reactivity.

Wind range for a 75 kg rider and a wing of 12 m²: 8 knots and more

In a few words: wave, freestyle Program: maneuverability, carving

In a few words: wave, transitions, light wind

Program : super-lift, maneuverability, stability

Its larger surface area makes it possible to foil very early and stay on the foil at low ride speeds with super stability.
Allowing you to ride with smaller kites and make the most of the any wave condition.
Its stability also makes it a wing suitable for beginners.
It will allow you to start smoothly and its super flight qualitiy will reassure you to pass your first aerial transitions without the necessity of too much 

speed Beginners will use it with a M or L stabilizer to achieve better stability and to make their first foiling transitions.
Confirmed foilers will prefer a Stab S for increased maneuverability
Finally, the experts will use it with a stab race or xs to exploit its reactivity at best.

For a 75 kg rider and a wing of 12 to 14 m²
Wind range: 6 knots and more 5 m² in 25 to 30 knots of wind

Envergure575 mm
Surface790 cm²
Entraxe de vis72 mm
ProgrammeLight Wind
Plage de vent6 noeuds et plus

Wave XL

the purchase was a bit of work but absolutely worth it! What a great wing the Wave XL is! Very nice and easy. Nice speed and acceleration for freeride and freestyle. Great flying potential for things like 360s. I hardly need the kite for it anymore. Only in the end, to take over in the end. And I can fly even smaller kites and use waves much better. Very happy with it.


    La ballade du Dimanche en longe reef

    Un bonheur cette aile.
    Ça tient à très faible vitesse et jusqu'à 25 noeuds.
    Convient très bien pour de la nav contemplative comme ici:


      enchanté !

      Je suis toujours aussi enchanté par cette aile. Elle colle vraiment bien au programme vague. C'est de loin la meilleur aile que j'ai pour les vagues. Elle est hyper saine dans les courbes et en descente de vague. Je trouve la maniabilité toujours très bonne et c’est un critère vraiment important pour les vagues. Sa portance permet vraiment de diminuer la taille du kite : j’ai fait ma dernière session dans 20-25 nds en 3m. On retrouve vraiment des sensations de surf. On ressent bien que c’est l’énergie de la vague qui fait avancer principalement le foil et non plus la traction de l’aile. La vitesse occasionnée par les descentes de vague reste gérable. Je n’ai pas ressenti le besoin d’avoir une aile plus rapide ou plus lente.Le passage des mousses est aussi plus soft qu'avec les ailes plus petites.
      Bref, que du positif !!!

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        front wing wave XL