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KF 730-1100

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This new large front wing in our range has been designed for those who like riding long distance, and who want to ride even in low winds (light and extra-lightwind), from 4 knots.

With this wing, no need of a big kite. You will fly very early.

Great stability, and an incomparable upwind.

In the irregular winds, easy to find the next gusts
Great stability at the windward descent

Level : intermediate to expert

Rider's Size : medium to big size

Which stabilizer with the Kruiser Wing ?

We can use it with every KETOS Stabilos, but the combination with the stabilos XS2 and S2 is not recommended.

  • With the Freeride 270-360 stabilo (SFR)  : we will feel confident. Smooth configuration.

  • With the Karver stabilo : great gliding sensation, pitch stability,  perfect control in curves

  • With the L FreeRide 330 stabilo  : recommended for ExtraLight Winds. Good balance with the front wing.

Span730 mm
Surface1100 cm²
Screws Center distance72 mm
ProgramLightWind, ExtraLightWind, Long Distance, Freeride, Cruising
Wind range4 knots to 20 knots


C'est quoi le programme de la Kruiser ? Light et LD ?Je valide!
seul au monde. 10/12 noeuds, je fais 96 kilos.
Zéro boîte en nav, juste qqs arrêts pour virer les sargasses de temps en temps. Elle est terrible cette Kruiser!
Super douce. Elle ne te sort pas.
Il ne faut pas lui "tirer" dessus, c'est simple.
Super cap, tout en détente. Ça se rapproche beaucoup de mes navs en Tiki dans le spirit.
Même avec des sargasses dans l'aile ou le mât, ça avance.


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