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Level : confirmed, expert

Program : freerace, freeride, distance

The 100 RFx mast profile is designed to minimize ventilation. It has increased chord on the top to

provide more surface area and stability going upwind. It is easy, tolerant and fast providing confident

sessions. It is suitable for long distance and FreeRide

In the case of crossed swell, and in tight chop, the 100 RKC mats is more adapted than the 100 RFX

Supplied with a felt cover and screws.

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KC = Ketos Core, result of a work on the manufacturing process and a sharp choice of raw materials, KC technology brings to KETOS hydrofoils Mast mats a gain in rigidity and torsion and a weight gain.

100% carbon, after 10 years research and innovation programs in the field of KiteFoil and 30 years of development of composite products by our internal research department.

100% compatible: this mast fits on all Ketos fuselages and bases.

Usable height: 100 cm
The length of a mast is measured from the bottom of the box board to below the box fuselage.

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FreeRace, Freeride


100cm (without the upper box)


Confirmed, expert

Approx. Weight

1,6 kg


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