Kitefoil Board Kosmo 90

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With the creation of the Kosmo 90, in 2019, we have reached the grail of minimalism, 2 versions, Classic or Pro Model

Strapless, concave deck for a very intuitive navigation, Hyper Maneuverability type, ultra light board, less than 1.6 kg of happiness, fast, intuitive, Leash plug on the hull, integrated KF Box

Level: expert

Classic: the hull is identical to our other boards and when you order the waxer or antiderapant option, no pad, no EVA Outline.

Pro Model: for a better grip, we put an anti-skid on some areas of the hull and a rounded EVA flange glued on the deck when you choose anti-skid or bare wax, improving the recovery of the board in flight.

A protective felt is included.

KETOS POCKET FOIL BOARDS ARE MADE FOR KETOS FOIL AoA, for other foil brands your feet would not be in the right place.



KOSMO Ketos, PURE BOARD STRAPLESS, Airex/carbone epoxy composed of :

epoxy carbon board
inverted rails and identical spokes on the entire range of KETOS boards, which has proven itself since 2010
Non-slip deck, kick integrated into the shape, like a skateboard
Leash plug on the nose of the hull.
Shape inspired by Larsouille
Higher level required than the pocket 118 and the pocket 107

Much faster, much more playful than the pocket 118, it remains stable in flight. For the foot changes, less space in flight, but it remains accessible when you come from a pocket 107, you are quickly at ease.

At the waterstart, you will lose flotation, so you should plan not to start in ultra low range.

If you know how to spend your maneuvers in the air, you will quickly find your marks.

Super compact, you can now fit your board in your suitcase for your trips.

The words of our Rider Mimi

“The Grail of minimalism, an ultra light set with the Kosmo 90, a 83 cm mast, a 1200V2 Kool, or a wave XL, a short fuselage, a karver S. The foot changes are always accessible, seated riding is possible. It’s an extremely playful set”.

Additional information

Weight15 kg

full pad, grip in varnish, no grip to be waxed


88 cm



Approx. Weight

1,6 kg



Largeur à la spatule


Shorter width



carbon, directly shaped in the board


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