LightWind Kruiser KiteFoil

From 2190,00 


1 x Mast 90 cm, or 100cm

1 x Fuselage

1 x front wing : Kruiser

1 x Stabilo FreeRide SFR, Karver, Karver L


Program : Extra-Light Wind, LightWind, Long Distance – FreeRide – Cruising

With this wing, no need of a big kite. You will fly very early.

Great stability, and an incomparable upwind.

In the irregular winds, easy to find the next gusts
Great stability at the windward descent

Level : intermediate to expert

Size : medium to big size

Which stabilizer with the Kruiser Wing ?

We can use it with every KETOS Stabilos, but the combination with the stabilos XS2 and S2 is not recommended.

  • With the Freeride 270-360 stabilo (SFR)  : we will feel confident. Smooth configuration.

  • With the Karver stabilo : great gliding sensation, pitch stability,  perfect control in curves

  • With the Karver L stabilo  : recommended for ExtraLight Winds. Good balance with the front wing.

Which mast ?

For optimum glide, choose the 100RFx mast

Additional information

Weight4 kg

Mast 100 RFx, Mast 83 RFx

Rear wing

Stabilo Karver 280, Stabilo Karver L, Stabilo S2

Approx. Weight

Kruiser/100RFX: 3,02 kg, Kruiser/83RFX: 2,71 kg


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