Pads Pocket 107 and Kosmo 90

From 50,00 

EVA Pad Foam with self adhesive 3M quality in 8 mm and 6 mm

-Mono pad foam for the pocket 107 cm level in 8mm

-Mono pad foam for the pocket 107 cm  koolfoot, adhesive pad CNC milling surfacing in 6mm with a border in 8mm for maximum confort

-Mono pad foam for board Kosmo 90 cm, adhesive CNC milling surfacing in 6mm with a border in 8mm for maximum confort


Set of EVA Pad Foam with self adhesive 3M in 8 mm

French EVA foam, made in France and shape for special Ketos purpose in our workshop

Additional information


Kool Foot Pad 107, kosmo pad, Kosmo pro model, Pad 107

Pad colors

black, blue, green, orange


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