PumpWing 1850 LD

875,00  TTC

The wing is designed for pump and downwind with a very high level of glide at low speeds (between 10 and 25 km/h).

The very high ratio will inevitably penalize handling.

Pump LD, what is it? L for Longue, D I’ll let you guess … Distance, just the wing for the pump marathon.


We offer a fast wing for its wingspan, the ultimate touring wing for half-marathons.

This wing is ideally combined with an Ultra mast, a 150 stab, the 71 fuselage and the 90 dockstart.

Wingspan: 1550mm

Surface area: 1850cm²

Center string: 152mm

Max thickness: 18.2mm

AR: 13.1

Weight: 1500 g

(Design, special mention for the Seb Saugy / Henri Pellet collab)

Additional information

Weight5 kg
Dimensions120 × 30 × 11 cm


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