Wingfoil Frontwing 880 HPS

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The 880HPS by Ketos is the result of a long research on High Power Speed profiles combined with our experience on outlines and twists.

A wing that has GLIDE, a quick take off

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Tested by riders from 50 to 90 kg, it frees the glide of your foil, combined with a Kulan mast and a wing board ketos, it is the winning combo of the glide. Comfortable in all conditions.
Intermediate level to expert.
The size is not extreme and the glide is incredible.

Despite its surface, this front wing has a crazy lift, practicing downwind, wing and even pumping, it is bluffing on the water and has a very big lift capacity. Stable, it is easy even in the changes of feet. A full carbon front wing with excellent rigidity and a weight of less than 700 grams.

In strapless kiting, the start is not fast, but very pleasant, this kite has glide and resource. Once the foil is hooked it holds and does not stall anymore.

Additional information


880 cm²


950 mm

Aspect Ratio

1 review for Wingfoil Frontwing 880 HPS

  1. Pep Clotas Jucgla (verified owner)

    It’s been a month since I am using the 880HPS as my wing foil and surf foil front wing, paired with short fuse, 90cm wing mast and S2 kite stab.

    At the beginning I was a little worried about the thickness of the front wing, which is about 16/17mm at maximum. My worries when away the first session I used, super easy to get up, crazy low stalling speeds, and super playful. It is not designed to go race like my ketos free-race front wing, but the quality of the ride and the overall balanced is impressive. You can tell it is designed by a surfer or at least with surf in mind. It has the ability to go up the wall, stay there with out to much speed and come down as fast as you can imagine. It really opens up a lot of possibilities, although it is clearly not as fast as kite free-race, the ability to almost stop at the pick of the wave brings sensations much more similar to conventional surf. The perfect balanced between speed, pumping and maneuverability.

    By the way, in one session I could ride my setup and compered with the fone sk8 950, which is really similar to this wing, except it is clearly thinner. My and my friend both found the top speed of both wing to be almost the same, which tells you how good the design team has work this out, because we both clearly enjoy much more the 880 with all the pump, and low stalling speed.

    Amazing job KETOS Team, love you all!!!

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