Dockstart expert plane foil


This pack is ideal for a running dock start, 4 m of runs are enough, an incredible glide for this pack, the board stays high, the pumping is efficient and economical, you can glide on 5 to 6 m without pumping, economical pumping, maneuverability.

This pack contains:

  • 1 Wingfoil 880HPS frontwing
  • 1 Wingfoil 180 rearwing
  • 1 Wingfoil 59 cm or 70 cm fuselage


The 880HPS plane, long fuselage, 180 stab allows you a dock start with momentum, the design of the wing allows an efficient and economic pumping, you will keep the glide on several meters, the board stays high, and the turns are pleasant. Long or short fuselage, both are working, it’s a story of feeling.

Weight: 1.3 kg

Icing on the cake, this plane behaves also  super well :

  • in kitefoil associated with a Hybrid wing, we find the happiness of the descent of swell, and the pleasure of turn
  • in wingfoil, an incomparable glide.

We do not guarantee the use of our foils for strapped freestyle, the pleasure of sailing in Ketos is above all the glide, the weight.


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Fuselage wing 59 cm, Fuselage Wing 70cm


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