WINGFOIL Frontwing 1500 Kahuna Refurbished

400,00  TTC

The 1500, a high ratio wing, the big sister of the 1200,

We no longer manufacture this wing . Find here some 1500 Kahuna refurbished.

Price for a new product: 820€ with French VAT, 683,33 without VAT

Wingspan of 1030 for an area of ​​1500cm². You dreamed of rediscovering the sensations of Ketos in wing, you will not be disappointed! The glide is there, progressive take off, maneuverability. A bit less speed than the 1200, but that’s normal!

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Surface: 1500

Wing span: 1030

aspect ratio: 7.07

Low range:

for a rider <60 kg, 8-10 knots in 7 m², 12-14 knots in 6 m²

for rider > 75 kg, 12-14 knots in 6 m²

Which Kahuna to choose?

the 1600 is a very progressive wing, the flight, the setting in turn are easy, soft. A secure wing, which forgives a lot, the take off is very progressive, low range 15-18 knots

The 1500 is a high ratio wing, sharper, sportier, more dynamic. It has a better performance at low speed, better at pumping, low range 10 knots

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