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The KF Box is the standard of the box that we created in 2011,

taking into account the efforts that a foil transmitted to a board,

it is designed for easy assembly and dismantling with a single screw.


Based on the principle that a universal box is a plus for all users,
we make it freely available to manufacturers of foil and board,
it is already used by various manufacturers,
simply contact us to have the definition of this standard . It’s an In Box for adapting the Ketos foil to your favorite surf. Base plate thickness 40 mm. Need to strengthen the board. Dimensions Plate Width: 107 mm Length: 202 mm Thickness: 2 mm Dimensions outside recessed box (conical) Height: max. 30 mm Length: max. 125 mm Depth: 40 mm Installation We advise you to densify the foam of your board (Airex, epoxy filled or epoxy glue) on 30 mm around the base. WARNING: your board must be reinforced longitudinally. Reinforcements will depend on the construction of your board.

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