Pack Kub³ 1080HPS

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The multi-slip set-up you’ve been dreaming of, versatile, a very accessible foil for very high ratios.

This pack contains:

  • A 86 Kulan mast in KFbox or integrated plate or an Ultra wing mast
  • Wingfoil 1080HPS front wing
  • Wingfoil Kahuna 70 cm or 59 cm fuselage
  • Wingfoil Stabilo 220 or 180


Kub³= Plurivalent, you want a unique foil for kitefoil, surffoil, wingfoil, downwind, dockstart … this is it !

Kitefoil : light wind conditions, waves, flat water, combined with a Hybrid kite, you will find the infinite glide

  • long fuselage, for endless downwinds, for upwind ascents even with 15 knots of headwind.
  • short fuselage for increased carve capacity

Wingfoil: the kite to have for early starts and small bumps. This foil carries without ever stopping, so easy !

  • Long fuselage, early planing start, easy transitions, load-bearing profile means no stalling at low speeds. Its glide and ease of pumping make it possible to make the FreeFly last!
  • short fuselage and 180 stab, for light downwind conditions

Pumping: long fuselage and stab 220, for expert level, but what a glide, great take-off speed, pumping that’s easy to maintain!

SurFoil, SUPFoil: pumping is easy, you can connect the waves without running out of steam, the 1080HPS profile has plenty of lift, combine the 1080HPS with a short fuselage and 220 stab, small and medium waves for easy peaking.

Dockstart: with the 1080HPS, such a glide and easy take off. For this practice choose the long fuselage

Additional information


KF Box, Rail US


Fuselage wing 59 cm, Fuselage Wing 70cm

Rear wing

Wing 180 rear wing, Wing 220 rear wing

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