Pack Kub³ 880HPS

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Kub³, The multi-slide set-up you’ve been dreaming of.

This pack contains:

  • A 86 Kulan mast in KFbox or with integrated plate
  • Wingfoil 880HPS front wing
  • Wingfoil Kahuna 70 cm or 59 cm fuselage
  • Wingfoil 180 Stabilo


Kub³ ? Plurivalent, you want a single plane for kitefoil, dockstart, surfoil, wingfoil ?! With its long fuselage, this foil can do it all.

HPS ? High Power Speed, glide, lift, heading!

A very high-ratio wing, 10’10, for a load-bearing foil with a beautiful low range.

With the short fuselage, the foil remains maneuverable at such high ratios and has a SUPER GLIDE. Excellent pumping performance, with the 880 preferred when you’re looking for mania and speed, and the 1080 for easier pumping and more lift.

SUPFoil and SURFoil :

  • short fuselage, for a medium to large wave program for easy carving.
  • long fuselage, easy take-off, pumping remains easy. In the surf phase, turns follow each other at a good speed.

WINGFoil and Downwind :

  • Long fuselage, super accessible, from 14/15 knots it goes out, without forcing. The big strength of this foil is its LIFT: this combo carries like a 1200 in the swell, the foil doesn’t stop or stall.
  • -Short fuselage and 180 stab, wave program or moderate to strong wind, for mania and speed.

KITEFoil :

with a Hybrid kite, super-early start, you can surf the swell, the wingspan allows you to link all the maneuvers.

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KF Box, Rail US


Fuselage wing 59 cm, Fuselage Wing 70cm

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