Pack wingfoil 1680 LIBERTY

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Liberty, FreeRide program for this combo 

Pack base element

– 1 Wingfoil Kahuna 1680

– 1 Wingfoil Stabilo 280

you can change

– 1 Wingfoil Mast in 71, 86, 89, 92 or 95 cm

– 1 Wingfoil Fuselage short or  long


A range with a moderate Ratio for use at low rpm which starts very early, Low Speed, Linear Take Off.

Allows you to keep glide in Freefly

    • Our development team has carefully selected this new profile adapted to obtain a very good glide, a powerful glide the best feeling (pure Ketos)

    • Round enough wingtips to easily control its curves

    • A carefully chosen leading edge, a very good Cx for excellent penetration

    • A carrier profile, chosen to have a good Speed/Performance compromise

    • The outlines are rounded to optimize maneuverability, carving and improve your skills.

    • A suitable canopy for stability, good carving and good yaw control.

Additional information


71 cm, 86 cm, 89 cm, 92 cm, 95 cm


Freeride, Light Wind

Rear wing

Wing 220 rear wing, Wing 280 rear wing


Fuselage wing 59 cm, Fuselage Wing 70cm


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