The new KETOS e-shop

The new KETOS e-shop

You will have notice the website has evolved, but what change for you?

First of all, a new menu, which offers a clarity in all the different foil practise we provide. Then redesigned products sheets, easier to use and to undestand. News about the incoming products, the production and test, available in one click. Lastly a customers dashboard more functionnal, and still keeping your order history from the previous website. In short KETOS 2.0.

And for us?

A website that suits us, and shows our identity, values and commitment, the made in france, sustaynable and Repairable products.The plurality of sports that requiers foil today, have made us rethinking the way we have to show our products and knowledge to you. We took this opportunity to make a website that we enjoy, colorful and visual.

We still have work to do …

A lot of things are unfinished, for exemple a lots of products description in english are missing, but it will come. We wanted to release this website now because it’s a new year and it’s time for changes, but it is still in building in order to always provide you the best experience with us.

We wish you, a year full of wing, waves and glide,

KETOS team